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Smart Watches


Smart Watches

Functional wrist gadgets invented by science fiction writers do not surprise anyone today and have become part of everyday life. Smart watches have a lot of features, the number of which is increasing every year.

What can a smart watch do, who can it come in handy for and how to choose a device for android? To understand these and related issues, an informational review of the 2018-2019 models will help. Having considered various options, you can compare the characteristics and prices and choose the best option.

Attention! In the presence of an internal vibration motor, the gadget is able to track the phases of sleep, and activate the alarm during the short phase. Thus, providing an easy awakening.

The list of features depends on the model and class, but the basic functions are present in all smart watches. However, most of them require a certain technical level.

The average battery life is not more than a day. And this means that not all models allow measuring distances during long trips or leaving the watch on your hand at night for the full operation of the alarm clock. Also, options such as the navigator can be fully useful only if there is a sufficiently large screen.

When buying a gadget, you should formulate what tasks it should perform, as well as take into account market opportunities. In general, there are several characteristics that can be used to evaluate any smart watch.

Security. The considerable cost of hours makes you think about their strength and reliability. Most models are protected against moisture and dust. Expensive watches are equipped with unbreakable sapphire crystal. In the technical specifications for the device, a standard is indicated that demonstrates the level of protection against moisture and dust - IPXX. The numbers instead of X reflect these parameters according to the principle of increasing. For most models, it is IP67 or IP68, which indicates the permissibility of taking a shower and swimming with the watch.

Working hours. To place a capacious battery in a rather small case is quite problematic. For this reason, the duration of the gadget varies from a day to several days.

Display. There are models with color, monochrome screens that can be controlled using buttons or a sensor. Among the important indicators are visibility in bright sunlight. Some screens are accompanied by a mirror substrate, partially reflective, which improves visibility.

Strap. The most practical watch equipped with a hypoallergenic strap. This is convenient for physical exertion, visiting the shower and much more. In addition, such a watch is pleasant to the body and does not cause irritation. Status models are complemented by straps made of leather, plastic or metal.

The size, in most cases, is universal, as is the fastening principle, which makes it easy to replace the accessory.
Selecting a model with the optimal set of functions will help a careful study of the proposals of manufacturers.

Smart watches with basic options that provide basic communication with a smartphone are available, within the middle price range. More "advanced" models equipped with additional features, screen protection and having a status appearance will require a higher level of costs. Such a gadget will be a useful acquisition for active, dynamic people.

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