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Men's Jewelry

Do you often see men who can wear jewelry? Not just glasses, watches and ties, but jewelry — rings for men, bracelets for men, pendants for men and of course cufflinks. With cufflinks easier, but how men wear rings (not wedding) and, for example, chain for men? This is not an idle question, since about 30% of jewelry in the world is made exclusively for men.

Men's Jewelry Hip Hop

Hands, studded with rings with precious stones, were in vogue hundreds of years ago, when expensive large rings in combination with (frill) and gold-embroidered suits were a sign of prosperity and noble origin for men. Now charismatic men of creative professions for whom this is an integral part of the image are able to wear several rings at the same time. 

Men's Jewelry Necklace

Like all jewelry, cufflinks have long become an accessory, without which you can do, because they have long been replaced by buttons. From this cufflinks have acquired even greater value - interesting cufflinks on the cuff of a men's shirt will be noted with pleasure by every woman.

Chain Necklace For Men

The chain may be an inappropriate accessory for those who appreciate the classic business style. In this case, complete the cufflinks with a clip for a tie. Often cufflinks and clips are sold in a set with a tie, but you always have the opportunity to demonstrate excellent taste and pick a clip with cufflinks yourself. Only one rule is important here: a tie clip should always be located between the 3 and 4 buttons of a shirt.

Earrings For Men

Despite the fact that earrings are no less an old jewel than chain and pendants, men rarely wear them. In adolescence, many wear piercings, but business style is incompatible with this. However, earrings in the ears sometimes remain, and look, as a rule, very stylish, because they bring a touch of adventurism in our daily adult life. In addition, David Beckham wears a stud earring, which means that others can also.

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